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    • Datsun GO Plus

      Datsun GO Plus

      In February, the Datsun brand was born again when parent company Nissan launched the Go hatchback at a function in Delhi. It was the first car in the line-up as well as the first car in what the Japanese automaker called ‘locally designed cars for local markets’. At the 2013 Indonesia International Motor Show, Datsun …Read More »
    • Mercedes Benz CLA 45 AMG

      Mercedes Benz CLA 45 AMG

      Mercedes-Benz is on a roll to launch a slew of AMG spec machines in the Indian market and the latest entrant is expected to be the CLA45 AMG which will be the most low-priced AMG car in India but is expected to be one of the most exciting that will reach our shores. The car …Read More »
    • How does Electronic Stability Program works ?

      How does Electronic Stability Program works ?

      Skidding is one of the main causes of road crashes. International studies show that at least 40 percent of all fatal traffic crashes are caused by skidding. ESP® could prevent up to 80 percent of all skidding crashes. ESP® recognizes if skidding is imminent and intervenes very quickly. The driver stays in control of the …Read More »
    • What is Automated Manual Transmission ?

      What is Automated Manual Transmission ?

      In a conventional manual gearbox, a set of cables or a link usually operates the gearbox in a two-step process. If the gearbox is cable operated like for example in a Tata Nano, two cables do the process of selection and engagement of the gears. The selection cable is actuated when one moves the gearshift …Read More »
    • Diesel Variable Geometry Turbo

      Diesel Variable Geometry Turbo

      An alternative to the fixed geometry turbine is the variable geometry turbine. The benefits of variable geometry turbines over wastegated turbines include [Xin 2011]: no throttling loss of the wastegate valve; higher air–fuel ratio and higher peak torque at low engine speeds; improved vehicle accelerations without the need to resort to turbines with high pumping loss at …Read More »

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