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                                                                         Force Motors has waited for quite long to enter the personal vehicles ground. Finally, Force Motors revealed a pristine logo for the segment. The current corporate logo has always been the pictogram of the firm for its viable vehicles, encompassed and agricultural vehicles, which include Trump, Trax, Balwan and Traveller. Force One is now all set to step its foot into the personal vehicle pitch, where the requirements and expectation of the customers are totally different. The brand new logo mainly aims to develop a sovereign individuality, which booms with numerous desires of non-commercial automobile buyer.
                                                                                                              With the brand new logo came the announcement of Force Motors entry in the personal vehicle sector with a SUV, known as Force One. The new Force One is amongst the most anticipated SUV in the Indian Auto Market. One of the major reasons of this anticipation is that Force Motors is known for manufacturing commercial vehicles and now it is all geared up to launch its own SUV, which will be pretty exciting for the Indian Auto Market. Therefore, to create a distinction of the commercial automobile from Personal Vehicle segment, a brand new logo was launched. The brand new pictogram symbolizes a requirement to be never satisfied with status quo. The red color visually very attractive and signifies a confident attitude, which shows determination and strength of mind. In all, it has a powerful and positive significance. The brand new logo will represent the beginning of a new epoch for Force Motors.
                                                                                                                It is expected that the Force One in India will come with pure strength, ruggedness and loaded with power. Along with such strength, this SUV will have comfortable interiors, which will comprise of cruise control, driver info system, and dual air conditioning vents for every row, audio control mounted on the steering, luxurious leather seats and OSRVM indicators. According to the buzz in the auto market, Force One will have 2.2 litre of engine, which is validated and audited by none other than Mercedes Benz Technologies. However, Force Motors has kept mum on the Force One price, but one can expect that it would be worth the cost.

                                                Features and specification.

  • With the Daimler-sourced 2,134cc and 4cylinder CRDI engine producing 320Nm of torque and 140bhp of maximum power.
  • Superior ground clearance  of 215mm and outstanding suspension system  will make this car is perfect match for the bumpy road conditions with the 2.2L CRDI Daimler motor in Force One.
  • The Force Motors Force One is provides a superb Mercedes engine with the 5 speed of manual transmission.
  • The exclusive features like driver information system, cruise control, audio control mounted on steering, dual AC are increase rumors.
  • With the seven seater SUV with 16 in alloy tyres and power steering with good enough for a 1570 kg SUVand The fuel tank capacity is 75 litres

Force Motors Force One SUV price in India is Rs 15 lakhs approx.